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Building Empowering Technology

Let’s use our technology and your expertise to do amazing things.

We collaborate with organizations to implement technology in a culturally informed, respectful way. Animikii builds tools people can use to empower their communities and lower technological barriers.

Animikii is a values-driven Indigenous technology company with products and services focused on website and software development. We recognize that technology by itself is not a solution to the pressing issues we face, rather it must be guided by a system of values that promote mutual understanding and equity.


Purpose Driven Organizations


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How We Give Back

Our goals and our partners' goals are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals and UNDRIP. We see an important role for ethical technology to support the Truth and Reconciliation process.

We believe that investing in technology is one path forward for economic justice, self-sufficiency, and equitable outcomes for Indigenous Peoples and advocate that economic development initiatives transition away from resource extraction to knowledge-based economies.

Learn more about the many ways our team gives back:

Social Impact at Animikii




Software Projects


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project pathfinding service

Do you need direction for your technology?

As an Indigenous-owned technology company, our approach to building custom software is much different from the mainstream. With values rooted in Indigenous knowledge, we focus on partnering with purpose-driven organizations to support communities through technology. Pathfinding is a systematic approach to impact assessment, product visioning, project planning, and fundraising.

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App development service

Do you need an app that you can't buy in a store?

If you’ve tried off-the-shelf software, plugins, or hosted solutions that became a barrier to your productivity, then it’s time to look at custom software. We can design the perfect software solution for your organization’s needs, constraints, and goals. From custom databases and financial software to Indigenous language apps, online training, and education platforms, our team can build the right tool to support your goals.

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website services

Do you need a fresh and engaging new website? 

We’ll create a website for you that is dynamic, looks fantastic, and works on every major device. We can help you write content, gather photos, and build your site from the code up. We’ll train your staff to update your website so that you’re not reliant on a web developer after launch.

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Databack eBook niiwin app on ipad

At Animikii, we are deep in the process of developing a product to support Indigenous data sovereignty and empower people through technology.

It’s called Niiwin.

We are creating a new paradigm for how stories and data interact, with relationships and reciprocity at the centre. Niiwin helps communities, people and organizations take control by lowering technological barriers to good content management, data design, governance and privacy. Thunderbirds are building tools to embed Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and seeing right into the code.

Learn About Niiwin

Here are the four elements of Niiwin:

Niiwin Code: Our expert application developers are using this code-based core to create and customize Niiwin applications for Animikii partners.

Niiwin Data: An innovative web-based interface where tables and data relationships can be designed, data can be managed, and data governance rules can be implemented.

Niiwin CMS: Our content management system empowers 200+ websites, enabling social-purpose organizations to share their impact, their voice and their story.

Niiwin LMS: We are expanding our online learning management system module to leverage all aspects of Niiwin and continue to contribute to the decolonization of online learning.

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