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Workshops & Speeches

These sessions are designed to cater to various audiences, including youth, students, and professionals from Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations. We ensure that each workshop is tailored to the specific needs of the audience, addressing relevant topics and adding our unique Animikii perspective.


Indigenous Data Sovereignty

One of our key focus areas is Indigenous Data Sovereignty, which emphasizes the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples in relation to data governance and management. Presentation workshops in this domain aim to empower Indigenous organizations by providing them with the tools and understanding necessary to begin asserting control over their data and utilize it effectively for the betterment of their people.

Indigenous Youth Coding Camps

Our interactive camps are designed to introduce youth to the world of programming and technology in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment. Our expert facilitators inspire and educate the next generation of digital innovators, equipping them with critical skills that will not only benefit their future careers but also contribute to the broader technological landscape. Each is designed for the age range attending, and the time available. Sessions are typically one - four days. 

Keynote Speeches by our CEO, Jeff Ward

Jeff is an experienced business leader with expertise in data sovereignty, entrepreneurship, and social impact. He uses his knowledge of programming, design and culture to help audiences think differently about technology. Jeff speaks often on the need to center Truth and Reconciliation in business. He is committed to fostering social enterprise on Turtle Island and can offer lessons to other social purpose organizations on centering Indigenous ways of knowing and being in business. Jeff can offer valuable insights and practical solutions for various industries.


We offer a sliding scale format for pricing for our workshops, based on your organization's budget and social impact requirements. We are committed to giving back to Indigenous Elders, Nations, Matriarchs and community organizations and can often offer workshops. 

All proceeds from our workshop program and speeches contribute to our scholarship fund, which supports Indigenous youth pursuing studies in technology or entrepreneurship.

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