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Workshop: Robotics with Micro:bit

PRESENTER: Dakota Lightning

LENGTH OF WORKSHOP: 1 day (4-6 hours) or 4 days (2-hour sessions)

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Learn about robotics and have fun! This workshop is designed to show youth how to program, build, and get creative with a robotic friend.

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There are very few things in this world cooler than robots. Unless, of course, you get to build your own. Designed for youth, this workshop uses an easy-to-use drag and drop method of programming called blocks that teaches development and programming using puzzle pieces.

This workshop includes an introduction to Computer Science by learning how to instruct a computer to perform various tasks. We use a platform called micro:bit to assemble a robot, code for robotics, create a musical instrument, and learn the basics of Computer Science. The handheld device (i.e., robot) has all sorts of features to ignite the imagination.

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