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Workshop: Social Media for Social Enterprises



WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: How can you affect positive change with your digital communications strategy? In this workshop, you will learn how to plan, implement, and analyze a social media campaign based on values instead of profit.

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Words have power. What you say and write can influence how others see you, help you understand different sides of an issue, and even influence how you think about yourself. In today's age where writing has moved beyond that of novels and poetry and into the realm of social media, what we write has the power to make change - either positive or negative - on a broad scale. 

Social media has integrated itself into our lives to a degree where we have almost forgotten its power and influence. But the question is whether we use this power to meet our own needs or harness the power of words to help our communities and families.

Social Media for Social Enterprises is designed to show how social media can be used by a business in a socially conscious way. At Animikii, we base every aspect of the business on the 7 Grandfather Teachings, including digital communications.

In this workshop you will learn how to successfully implement a social media campaign, use analytics to your advantage, and discover best practices for launching, maintaining, and analyzing your social media accounts. You will also learn how to ensure your communications comes from a place of love, respect, truth, humility, honesty, wisdom, and courage which will, in turn, make your campaigns more authentic, sincere, and effective.


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