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Explore the complex world of Indigenous technology, innovation, and data sovereignty through Animikii's Insights. With a unique lens on issues crucial to Indigenous Nations, communities, and organizations, our Insights serve as an indispensable guide. Dive into articles, reports, and thought-provoking commentary.

Embrace Innovation and Transparency with Animikii's Pathfinding Webinar

Join our team at Animikii for an enlightening webinar on our values driven Pathfinding process -  the session is on Thursday, December 14 at 10am (PT) /1pm (ET).  Reserve Your Spot Now Pathfinding is a systematic approach to impact assessment, product visioning, project planning, and fundraising - and our team...

Celebrating Generation One: Animikii Marks 20 Years in the Spirit of Seven Generations

As we celebrate 20 years of Animikii, we're looking back and casting our vision forward to the next six generations. Inspired by the Indigenous principle of planning for Seven Generations, we see today as the culmination of one generation’s effort in a journey extending far into the future. Here are...

Cultivating Strong Indigenous & Intersectional Workplace Connections

At Animikii we often reflect on how reimagining traditional legal frameworks, colonial structures, and ideologies is daunting but it is essential for the deep work of Truth and Reconciliation. This article helps outline some of the steps organizations can take in strengthening relationships with Indigenous Peoples within workspaces and developing...

Animikii Celebrates Recertification as a B Corp

At Animikii Indigenous Technology we’re a catalyst for change in both the community and the environment. As a proudly Indigenous-led, owned, and operated company, our recent B Corp recertification is an affirmation of our ongoing commitment to social, environmental and economic responsibility.

Animikii Hackathon: Remote Collaboration on Niiwin

Over three amazing midsummer days the Animikii team members all over Turtle Island and at the Songhees Innovation Centre, engaged in a unique remote collaboration event. We took a break from our regular tasks and turned our focus to our central product, Niiwin. Our team was grateful to kick off...

Collision 2023: Animikii Takes Centre Stage in Discussions on Indigenous Digital Sovereignty and Workplace Inclusion

Animikii Founder and CEO Jeff Ward contributed as a key speaker at Collision 2023 on two pivotal discussions focusing on Indigenous digital sovereignty and the future of workplace inclusivity, commenting in both sessions on the interconnected world of technology, culture, and inclusivity

Building Stronger Communities through Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Three Starting Points

The Global Indigenous Data Alliance describes Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Data as both data for governance and governance of data. The umbrella term for these rights is often called “Indigenous Data Sovereignty."

Emphasizing a Content-Focused Approach in Your Indigenous Website Design

At Animikii we often take a content-focused approach to ensure your website resonates with the audience viewing your website.

Truth & Reconciliation in Business in 2023

Learn what organizations can do to contribute to Call to Action 92 and discover success stories of businesses that are leading the way.

#DataBack | Recognize and Reclaim Indigenous Data Sovereignty

“Data is the new oil.” You may have heard this statement before. It summarizes the importance of data in technology, policy, and many aspects of life today. But we want to change this narrative, and stop looking at data purely as a commodity. This narrative comes from a history of...