Animikii's 2016 Social Impact Report

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Animikii is a social enterprise; you’ve heard us say that before - now, let us prove it to you...

Introducing the 2016 Animikii Social Impact Report - a comprehensive look at all of the “giving back” work that our company undertook in 2016. The report covers everything that Animikii contributed to from sponsorships, to volunteer time, to pro-bono work, to scholarships and bursaries. We have carefully laid out all of the information, broken down by type of contribution and we provide source data for each section wherever it exists. Beyond the numerical information, the report also details the relationships we have built with stakeholders throughout the year and information about the community development projects in which Animikii engaged.

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Animikii has always been a social enterprise - giving back has always been just part of the way we do business. However, throughout the last year in particular, everyone on the Animikii team really pushed themselves to find new ways to contribute to our organizational goals of fostering Reconciliation through technology and driving positive changes for Indigenous people. We invite you to take a look inside our business to better understand the kinds of projects that we care about and the kinds of projects we can take on. Within the report. we’ve laid out clearly what we accomplished with our giving back programs in 2016 and we’ve also laid out the roadmap for 2017 and beyond.

This Social Impact Report is the first of many; we will continue to create and publish information about our social strategy year over year. We’ll also leave each report up on our website so you can compare one year to the next. We will always push ourselves to improve our impact and our transparency about that impact. If you’ve got questions or comments about the report - or if your organization needs help to put one together! - please reach out to us at

Art for the 2016 Social Impact Report was Created by Navajo Artist, Vernan Kee:

Currently residing in San Diego, California as a Freelance Graphic Designer, Vernan Kee has been drawing and designing since his early childhood years. Growing up on the Navajo Nation reservation in Arizona, Vernan spent most of his time improving and sharpening his artistic skills. After deciding to pursue his passion upon completing his service from the United States Marine Corp., Vernan graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Art Institute of California-San Diego. His work includes illustrations, typography, hand lettering, branding, web and print designing. When he’s not in front of his computer designing, you’ll find him outside in nature roaming the lands with his beloved dogs. Check out Vernan's work on his website or follow along with him on Instagram.

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 Miigwetch/marsee/thanks for reading and be sure to head to to see the full report!