Animikii Celebrates Recertification as a B Corp

2023-09-01 Share story


At Animikii Indigenous Technology we’re a catalyst for change in both the community and the environment. As a proudly Indigenous-led, owned, and operated company, our recent B Corp recertification is an affirmation of our ongoing commitment to social, environmental and economic responsibility. This blog post seeks to unpack what it means to be a B Corp, how it complements our broader mission, and why this certification holds significant value for us.

The Essence of Being a B Corp

Certified B Corporations meet rigorous standards of social, environmental, public transparency, and legal accountability. B Corp companies don’t just aim to be the best in the world but also strive to be the best for the world. Collectively, B Corps work includes reducing inequality, decreasing poverty levels, building stronger communities, and fostering a healthier environment. B Corps range from massive companies and brands to small Mom and Pop businesses - united in a single goal of redefining what business can be.

Being a B Corp is one way we can challenge the status quo by de-centering traditional Western and white-centric business paradigms. It is an impact measurement framework which resonates deeply with Indigenous worldviews and values of the interconnectedness of community welfare, environmental stewardship, and economic justice.

What Sets B Corps Apart?

Three of the values to set B Corps apart are: 

Purpose and Profit: B Corps pivot from a shareholder to a stakeholder and rightsholder model, serving a broader purpose to benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment.

Legal Accountability: As a B Corp, we have a legal obligation to consider the impact of our decisions on all stakeholders, thus safeguarding our mission and ensuring higher ethical standards. All B Corps in Canada must change their corporate bylaws to ensure these factors are considered when making decisions.

Transparency: B Corps must go through a stringent assessment process and publicly disclose their impact, thereby showcasing metrics alongside a commitment to doing good. Animikii has just completed our third round of review, and we’re excited to share the results with you!

Animikii Formalized Environmental Stewardship

A major focus of our 2023 recertification efforts was the environment. The climate crisis will only be averted if all companies take an active role in reducing their GHGs and ensuring the air, water and land are respected. In 2021, we created a Theory of Change with the specific objective of improving our Environment section score for this B Corp certification. We moved past basic green actions to proactively champion sustainable practices and minimize our environmental footprint at our head office and in home offices.

B Corps clear and measurable framework allowed us to evaluate all of our existing systems and processes for environmental impact and focus efforts on areas we could improve.

We took time as a team to understand and make commitments to home office stewardship. We asked ourselves, “How might we be good to the environment at home while working ?” Our impact team surfaced ways we can all work together with our building's owner, the Songhees Nation, to leave less environmental impact. Further, we’ve kicked off an important conversation inside our company about how technology impacts the environment and climate. 


How to Become a B Corp

Interested in joining the B Corp movement? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Take the B Impact Assessment: Understand your company's current impact and where you can improve is step one. You’ll need a minimum of 80 points to certify. 

  2. Make Necessary Changes: Adjust your legal framework and operational practices to meet B Corp standards. This process often involves formalizing what you’re already doing as a company, and putting in place efficient and effective policies and new practices.

  3. Get Certified and Keep Improving: Once you achieve certification, the journey doesn't end. B Corps continue to improve the measurement system and evolve the measurements. Inside every B Corp the system allows us to identify possible areas of improvement as we plan for recertification every three years.

Our Continuous Quest for Improvement

Our B Corp recertification is not the end of the road, it’s a way marker on our ongoing journey. We strive to enhance every facet of our business, learning from both triumphs and setbacks.

Being a B Corp isn’t just putting a logo on our website. It's a commitment and a demonstration of our responsibilities and relations. Animikii is a proud member but also a thought leader in this transformative movement. We are setting new benchmarks for what it truly means to be an impactful, responsible business in the modern world.