#DataBack Now Available!

2022-11-23 Share story


Animikii is happy to announce the release of the #DataBack eBook!

Written for Indigenous-focused organizations and governments to guide the transformation of data governance through advanced tools, principles, and practices. “As Indigenous Peoples regain their strength, they continue to defend their inherent rights and destroy all aspects of colonization until all that remains is a world that is safe and joyous for all of our kin, human or not.

As settler societies continue their efforts to digitize and commodify all aspects of life, Indigenous Peoples across the world continue to demand jurisdiction and governance over information that is relevant to their people. Key to the success of these movements is understanding digital data’s ability to transform the current social realities and day-to-day experiences of all people for better or worse.”

- #DataBack (2022)

We wrote this eBook because we truly believe in the importance of #DataBack, and to share the challenges and opportunities we have encountered while developing our own product to support Indigenous Data Sovereignty, Niiwin.

Authors & Contributors

Meet the Team Behind #DataBack! This book was a collaborative effort between some of the brightest minds in the Indigenous Data Sovereignty movement.;


Jeff Doctor is Cayuga from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. As an Impact Strategist, he distills complexity and nuance into workable paths forward for many of our software and communications projects. He also assists with planning, managing, and reporting on Animikii’s impact and supports the use of ethical tech to get land, cash, and data back to Indigenous Peoples throughout the world.


Jeff Ward founded Animikii in 2003 and has orchestrated and managed its growth ever since. Everything Jeff does in business is geared towards uplifting his family, communities and Indigenous Peoples. He is Ojibwe and Métis, originally from Manitoba, and now lives and works in Victoria, BC on Lekwungen territory. Jeff is a web designer, software developer, author, and speaker. He also serves as board member for Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).

Trevor Jang is a writer, journalist and entrepreneur from the Wet'suwet'en Nation. He is co-founder and communications director at ChinookX Technologies. 

Jennifer Polack has worked in media & technology since 2016, with an emphasis on language, communications, and digital media.  After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria, she followed her passion for gaming into a career as a community manager where she learned about game writing, design, and marketing. Today, Jen is a true digital nomad. She is a full-time copywriter and vanlifer who is continually inspired by the close connections between food, land, and community.

Learn more about #DataBack, its authors, Niiwin and download your copy of the eBook on the #DataBack website.