Our 5 Fave Family-Focused B Corps

2022-02-21 Share story


Being a B Corp can mean many different things.

At Animikii we are proud of our social impact in the community and the programs and opportunities in place for our Thunderbirds.

This Family Day, we are showcasing fellow B Corps that do important things for the families that matter to them, including their customers, community members, and employees. 

Consider supporting these companies and keep an eye out for other organizations that meet the rigorous standards set for social and environmental performance. 


1. Coast Capital

This member-owned financial cooperative based in Surrey, BC invests 10% of its bottom line into the community it serves. So where does this money go exactly?

In 2020, portions of $3.6 million went to food banks, youth education funds and awards, and many other youth and community-led programs. If you are looking for a credit union as a resident of Metro Vancouver, the Okanagan, or Vancouver Island, a B-Corp that gives back to your community is a great choice.


2. FreshPrep

Even though COVID has led to some culinary exploration for many families, now that more time is being spent outside of the home again, we could all use a hand cooking delicious meals with healthy ingredients.

For the busiest families out there, BC-based FreshPrep delivers 15-30 min meals to your door with locally-sourced ingredients. This takes the hassle out of cooking and grocery shopping so that you can focus more on making memories around the dinner table (and not running back to the supermarket to pick up that one forgotten ingredient.) 

The company is currently expanding its Zero Waste meal kit options and offers strong benefits for its employees.


3. DeeBee’s Organics

Deebee’s Organics’ founder Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker credits her children with suggesting that they make “teasicles” at home. This idea led to a brand built around delicious treats with clean ingredients. 

Dr. Laslo-Baker knows a thing or two about giving your kids the best possible nutrition. She is a Ph.D. medical researcher who studies the effects of environmental toxins in food chains on child health. 

You can shop for DeeBee’s organic freezies at chain stores like Walmart, Costco, and Whole Foods (full list here). If your family likes the movie Frozen, their Organic Ice Wand freezies are sure to be a hit!


4. Rebelstork Baby Gear

If your family is adding another member shortly, you know that in addition to all the excitement, preparing for additional expenses can be a real headache.

Enter Rebelstork, a Toronto-based e-commerce company selling overstock, open box, and lightly used baby gear at affordable prices. The company is fresh off a Series-A financing round and earned its B-Corp certification through strong environmental practices and partnerships with organizations supplying essentials to mothers in need. 


5. HiMama

HiMama is an app built for childcare providers that takes care of tasks like attendance, parent communication, and payments. This Toronto-based company is growing fast as the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the need for higher-quality childcare for many families. 

The company supports its community by offering professional development and free resources for early education and combating the problem of systematic undervaluing of professionals in the early childhood education industry.

In addition, they show high B Impact scores for taking care of their own family (their employees) by offering strong health and wellness benefits and financial security.

Wishing You A Love-Filled Family Day!

Our Thunderbirds wish you a happy Family Day, and we hope you get a chance to spend time with those who matter most to you. Love is one of our core company values rooted in the 7 Grandfather Teachings, and we could all use a little love in our families and communities this year.

Did we miss any awesome family-oriented B Corps? Let us know on social media. We love to be inspired by the ways that B Corps across Turtle Island (and beyond) consider families in their business practices.

Giving back to the community through social impact is a huge part of Animiki’s business. Want to learn more about how we accomplish this?
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