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Happy Admin Professionals Day from Animikii!

April 24, 2019

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Happy #AdminProfessionalsDay from Animikii!

On this #AdminProfessionalsDay, the team at Animikii would like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to all the Administrative Professionals and to sincerely thank you for all you do!

Our own Administrative Assistant, Samantha Vanderdonck, joined the Animikii team at the beginning of 2019 and we honestly have no clue how we managed without her! To celebrate the day, we asked our Thunderbirds to write something in this digital thank you card to show Sam how much we appreciate her and to practice our Values of Love and Respect.

robynFrom Robyn: I really appreciate the love and kindness Sam brings to our team. She's always willing to help out, learn something new, or start running with a new project. Although her time with us has been short, she's already helped us accomplish so many of our goals: lunch and learn events, award applications, increasing Songhees Innovation Centre membership, digital communications and so much more. Thanks Sam for all your genuine warmth, kindness, and wisdom!

jeffFrom Jeff: Samantha brings positive energy to every project, conversation and every situation. As an ultimate problem solver, she is willing to jump in on every-and-anything needed to support our team, values, goals, clients, partners and community. My huge thanks and gratitude to you, Sam, for choosing to spend your days with us.


dakotaFrom Dakota: Sam Wise, Sammy Sosa, Little miss bubbly Sam is an outgoing and heartfelt person. She is always up for helping out where ever she can. Her kindness, lovely nature is a warm addition to our office. She is up for shenanigans like making paper airplanes or having slack GIF-offs. I can't imagine Animikii without her.


jenFrom Jen: We’ve only had Sam for a little while, but now I just cannot imagine Animikii without her. Animikii is very collaborative, so you’re often asked to provide input on something that may be out of your skill set. Sam has jumped into that environment flawlessly. Her kindness, willingness to learn, and her ability to pick up new software and concepts almost instantaneously is incredibly admirable and, to be honest, amazing. She is a vital part of our team and instrumental in the success of so many projects. Thank you so much, Sam, you’re seriously one of the most talented people I know!



From Mark: I love the passion and dedication that Samantha shows each and every day. Although I’m not in the Victoria, BC offices, I can see the work that is done.


chuckFrom Chuck:  I really appreciate Sam’s positive energy and focus.  I also appreciate the many roles that she excels in. She has a great talent for relating to the people that she talks with, finding common ground, and providing wonderfully tailored insights.  I also appreciate her experience - she’s had many professional positions across many different industries, and she brings a great amount of experience and wisdom from those positions. I love the warmth that she brings to the office, both to the clients and to her co-workers.  Thanks Sam for all your energy, grace, and professional know how!



From Monica: Hey Sam! Just wanted to say I really appreciate the wonderful energy you bring to the team! Your positive attitude and the support you give the team has been an inspiration. Makes me wish I could come out to the office more often!


matFrom Mat: It has only been a short while, but Sam has already had a big positive impact. No matter the project—big or small—she has shown her ability to effectively manage it. Sam is fantastic to work with. She always brings positive energy and enthusiasm whether it is work or just socializing. I look forward to the future knowing that it will be that much better because she is a part of our team. Thank you, Sam!

April 24, 2019

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