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The 6 Best Coffees to Try in 2022

January 18, 2022

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January 18 is National Gourmet Coffee Day. Since a good cup of java holds a special place in the heart of many of our staff, we want to give you our hot take on ones we think you should try in 2022!

We've included both our favs, and ones we're looking forward to adding to our rotation!

Know someone whose day wouldn't be complete without a cup of joe? Why not treat them with a some fresh beans from one of these companies!


BirchBark1. Two-Spirit - Light Roast

Birch Bark Coffee Company

Two-Spirit (2S) are gifted among all beings because they transcend the boundaries set by the binaries of male and female. The Creator allows them to see life through the eyes of all genders, restoring gender fluidity and expression among Indigenous peoples. Traditionally, Two-Spirit were revered and held significant roles as visionaries, healers, medicines people and care-givers.

This coffee brings the complementary qualities of African and Latin American coffees together to create a lively and sweet coffee brimming with brown sugar and roasted almond flavours, finishing with subtle notes of citrus and vanilla.

Buy Two-Spirit-Light Roast from Birch Bark Coffee Company here.


Spirit Bear 2. Frog - Breakfast Blend Coffee

Spirit Bear Coffee Company

Jump start your day with this incredibly smooth and flavourful coffee. Roasted lighter, this combination of Latin American coffees is a wise choice for your early morning cup. This Frog blend has the highest caffeine content in the Spirit Bear Coffee lineup. 

This coffee features a sweet aroma flavour and a pleasant, short finish. It has a low acidity and is sourced from Central and South America.

P.S. It can also be ground to work with reusable Keurig pods!
P.P.S. They also sell compostable coffee pods here.

Buy Frog-Breakfast Blend Coffee from Spirit Bear Coffee Company here.


Spotted Horse3. Water Protectors Blend for the Bold

Spotted Horse Coffee

This blend features a dark roast with a subtle sweet hint of chocolate. It was named in honor of the Water Protectors who personally roast this popular blend.

The "Water Protector'sSpotted Horse coffee blend by Winona LaDuke is fair trade and organic coffee roasted on the White Earth Reservation in NW Minnesota. Beans are specially selected from small  female-ledproducers and blended from El Salvador, Chiapas (Mexico) and Costa Rica. 

Buy Water Protectors Blend for the Bold from Spotted Horse Coffee here. 

SalishGrounds4. Longhouse Medium Roast

Salish Grounds Coffee Company

Longhouse is the perfect cup for the everyday coffee drinker with smooth and mild flavor. Hints of roasted hazelnuts. 

Salish Grounds are based in the traditional territory of the Coast Salish Squaxin Island people in the Pacific Northwest. Their indigenous, women-owned, coffee brand offers a high-quality local roast for all of your coffee needs.

Buy Longhouse Medium Roast from Salish Grounds Coffee here.


Iglu5. Iglu Kappia Espresso


We've all had those mornings when it is just too hard to get up. Now imagine that in winter at -50 degrees Celsius, 24 hour darkness, and in a house made of snow.

Kaapittiaq's Iglu roast is a tribute to the fortitude of Inuit. They have combined Arabica and Robusta beans to create a bold and energizing espresso that will help you rise above any of life's challenges. Whether you're looking for a much-needed kick to start your day, or a pick-me-up to get you through it, this is the coffee to keep you going. 


Buy Iglu Kaapia from Kaapittiaq here.


spirit mountain 6. Chipolte Cold Brew

Spirit Mountain Roasting Co.

Looking for a different kind of kick?

Cold brew is a great way to enjoy coffee. It's much easier to drink on a hot day, it's less acidic, and it can be flavored during the brewing process. This cold brew blend has been supplemented with chipotle seasoning sourced from Native Seeds/SEARCHThe brewing process takes longer - between 18-24 hours, but most of the work is passive and the results are great.

Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. is a community oriented company. Their community includes not only the pipa, people of the Quechan Nation, but the entire coffee supply chain from seed to cup. They do their part by engaging in direct and fair trade with Indigenous coffee farmers whenever possible. They specifically select coffees which are produced sustainably (organic), exchanged fairly (fair trade), handled correctly (roasted with care), and (they hope) enjoyed thoroughly.


Buy Chipolte Cold Brew from Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. here.


Stay tuned for more of our recommendations on everything from great reads and films, to our favourite products and the little things that make our day!


January 18, 2022

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