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First Peoples Cultural Council

Animikii team members worked with the First People Cultural Council (FPCC) and First Voices teams to develop a logo and branding that was reflective of their organization and the important work that they do in Indigenous Language Revitalization.

When thinking about how we could best represent Indigenous languages and our connection to the land in the First Voices rebrand, we thought of Raven’s stories and connection to many Indigenous cultures through storytelling. Raven also has a rich vocabulary of quarks, yells, trills, and knocks. The Raven is also the largest songbird and has a brain capable of continual learning. These traits make Raven a great language ambassador for First Voices. 

FPCC's primary mandate is to assist First Nations in British Columbia in their efforts to revitalize their languages, arts and cultures. They are a provincial Crown Corporation supported by the First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Act. FPCC provides leadership, facilitates and develops strategies. This supports First Nations communities as they not only recover but sustain their heritage cultural preservation and enhancement. 

FirstVoices is a set of open-source software designed to record and promote Indigenous oral culture and revitalize the linguistic history of their people. It has been in operation since 2003.  As many languages are in danger in part due to the loss of fluent speakers, FirstVoices utilizes language educators, band councils and language communities to create revitalization programs. By gathering digital records of Elders' voices and placing their knowledge in an accessible online platform, FirstVoices makes these archives significantly more available and engaging to younger, tech-savvy community members.