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About the partner

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners aims to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs and revitalize the Indigenous economy with credibility, accountability, and transparency. They’re Indigenous and they invest in Indigenous social enterprise. Raven facilitates the flow of capital through impact investing and supports the ongoing revitalization of the Indigenous economy in Canada and the United States. They help Indigenous entrepreneurs achieve their goals, strengthen the Indigenous economy, and have a positive and lasting impact on the ecosystem.


About the website

Raven approached Animikii with the need for a website that showcased their impact and portfolio while staying true to their brand and mission. This website needed to meet a high level of functionality to allow content updates by various members of the Raven team as they continued to evolve and grow. 

Animikii is proud to be partnered with Raven. Their integrity and extensive operational knowledge is invaluable to our company as we continue to grow and develop.


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