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The Grizzlies Film

THE GRIZZLIES is based on the inspiring true story of the youth of Kugluktuk, Nunavut - who were transformed by the power of sport, family, tradition, and community, and in turn, transformed their town with the highest suicide rate in all of North America into a model of hope and youth-led resilience.

Though it could categorically be considered a sports movie, the drama at the centre of the piece transcends the genre. The result is a feature film experience that is at once a vivid celebration of Inuit life and culture, an elegy to the traumatic impact of European colonization on Inuit peoples, and an ode to the resilience of youth who find their power by facing deeply-rooted fears and vulnerabilities with grit and grace. It features tour-de-force performances by breakout Inuit and First Nations lead talent from an array of remote communities.

The characters in THE GRIZZLIES represent every kid across North America who is struggling with structurally-imposed barriers and intergenerational trauma—and show that there is always a way to stay in the game, overcome obstacles and gain confidence despite steep odds.



We love working with Animikii because their team is a pleasure to work with and we share their passion for world-changing and uplifting work. We are honoured when they bring us into their projects, and we look forward to many more collaborations.